Friday, November 02, 2007

Love Letter to Bella

My sweet Bella...oh how I have fallen in love with you. My heart just aches when I see your smile and your bright blue eyes looking at me. I love everything about you.

I love... you instinctively know if Daddy is gone from the bed in the morning when you wake up. With eyes still closed, you reach over and pat that side of the bed where he was just a few minutes before.

...that you don't ask for breakfast. You ask for "a snack". you dress yourself. You're attracted to bright colors and you just love tights. You love to pick everything out by yourself...but if I insist that a coat must be worn, you sigh and say.."OK mooooooooom". the one thing you desire the most is to wear your "tippity taps" so you can dance all day long. And I let you. Even when it's not practical...because you love them so much. when you want to nurse, you come to me and say "just two times, and then I'm done." As you nurse, I look down at your sweet face and wonder how long it will be before you just breeze by me and don't give a second thought to the "nursies". whenever we talk about Jesus, you ask "why is He in my heart?"

...your sweet prayers telling Jesus about your day and asking Him for good pancakes in the morning.

...the relationship that you have with your Daddy. You call out his name so much more these days...desiring his care as often as mine. you insist on being called Erica (as in Princess Erica). Although several times a day, you switch and ask to be called Annaliese. You're very serious about it all, and will not answer to Bella anymore. you can't just WALK anywhere. You must skip, run, or jump.

...your gentle spirit. You have a special soft voice that you use when you talk to other kids to let them know you care about them. you will randomly proclaim... "I love you sooooo much!". You have no idea how much this melts my heart. Especially when you tell it to Daddy and I overhear.

...your ability to strike up a lengthy conversation with anyone...from old ladies on the subway in NYC to the 4 year old you just met. You are a friend to all.

...your independence. You told me yesterday that you "need your own space". And while it broke my heart, I know that you are growing up :) you have a language entirely your own, in which you can sing long songs. It's amazing how many crazy sounds you can put together to form words.

...watching you sleep at night...your cheeks so rosy and your body so warm. Part of me wants to wake you up because I miss you already...but then I remember that I need to sleep so I can be the best mommy I can be.

I love you Bella Boo.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Michael Interviews Bella

Michael "interviewed" Bella for his class final in Foods. While you can't hear everything perfectly, her facial expressions make up for it. They discuss not eating meat, milk, red 40, candy, thai food, and more. Enjoy.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hello Friends!

The weather has been absolutely delightful here...perfect picnic weather. Bella and I have lived outside this past week. We've spent so much time at the park and on our's been wonderful. She starts every day telling me she "needs to go to the park". She loves to swing so much...she's a woman of adventure. This week she learned out to go down a fireman's pole. She also loves her "friends", and upon arriving to the park, will walk up to a large group of children and announce herself by saying:

"Hello Friends!"

She greets most anyone this way...and will leave by saying the opposite..."Goodbye Friends!". She is so outgoing and personable...and will have a conversation with most anyone. We are looking forward to another warm week and more adventures. See our latest outings here.

My Love

I am in love with Bella. Completely enamoured. She is such a joy to be with...her words melt my heart. Today she looked at me at said..."Mommy, I see me in your blue eyes!". Yesterday she said "Mommy, you're my best friend". And the kicker that gets me every time..."Mommy, I love you".

She is learning so much everyday about the world around her...every moment is a teaching opportunity and she is full of such excitement and independence that it's hard not to smile just looking at her.

This is not to say that there aren't difficult times. My patience is tested daily...but I am able to make it through each day with the prayer of "Lord, give me a gentle spirit and the heart of a me to walk at Bella's pace and see the world through her eyes".

Thank you Jesus for the gift of motherhood.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Yes or No?

Bella is growing up so much every day. She has so many cute & quirky things that she does, it's hard to remember them all! Her latest thing is her "OR" obsession. Here are some examples:

Bella: I can have this? Yes or No?
Me: No.
Bella: Yes or No?
Me: No.
Bella: Yes or No?
Me: No.
Bella: Ok.

Bella: What's that noise?
Me: That's a car outside.
Bella: Is that a car or a lion?
Me: A car.
Bella: Is that a lion or a car?
Me: A car.
Bella: Oh.

Bella: What's that noise?
Me: I'm not sure.
Bella: Is it Grandpa fluffing or Grandma fluffing?
Me: *giggling*

Bella: You like BRC or XYZ?
Bella: You like XYZ or BRC?
(note: she likes to write on paper and ask us if we like certain letters while she does it. Those 6 letters are her favorites)

She's always so's hard not to laugh sometimes.

She is LOVING all the snow in Montana...every time we go outside, she has to make a snow angel. Sledding is a favorite too...she calls the sled the "boat".

She still talks about Des Moines once in a while...if we are going somewhere, she'll ask if Lily, Sage, and Wally are going to be there. And several times, she has told me "My apartment is far, far, far, far away. I live in Bozeman". She has once told me she wants to go to her apartment to her bed.

We are trying hard to make this transition smooth for's so hard for her to understand, but I know she catches more than we think she does.

My little baby is growing up before my eyes...I fall in love with her again everyday.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

The Naked Artist

My amazing little artist. So MESSY! I bought Bella some fingerpaints this summer, but we never had a chance to use them in an acceptable environment. Fast forward to living at Nana and Papa's house. Bella has this lovely art corner and she uses it almost daily. Waterpaints, colored pencils, markers, paint...she loves it all. Before she can use the finger paint, I always have her take off her clothes to save me time while doing laundry. Hence, the nakedness.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Wrapping Up

Bella loves to carry her babies around in her slings. Here she is using my scarf as a wrap...and has Baby Honey all cozy and sleeping inside. She is such a great little mommy...rocking and bouncing...singing lullabies to her little bundles. It's so precious.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Making Muffins

This is a common sight in our kitchen. Bella LOVES to sit up on the counter and help with everything I do. Making muffins is one of our favorite activities. We each have our own "scooper" and we take turns putting the batter into the muffin stone...luckily, her aim is improving since we first started. :)